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Evangelism Story

Perfect Timing When I called to deliver Danielle's books I found she wasn't home, but I saw a face I hadn't seen for a while. Christine began to share with me how she had been away for two years on a drug rehabilitation program. She remembered the Today, Tomorrow and You she had purchased five years before as being very helpful spiritually. She said someone she had trusted to store all her belongings had sold them and all her valuables, including this precious volume. She wondered if she could replace it and get the Bible Reference Library and Family Bible as well, to which we readily agreed.

Christine said she had been reading a book on God's grace, which had really touched her heart and she was now having second thoughts about pressing charges on her so called friends. She said she was longing to receive the gospel and know God's forgiveness. She asked if we could come inside to share the Bible promises with her, but then noticing that we were delivering books she asked us to come back and see her after work.

On Sabbath afternoon the local church elder and I went back and studied with her, and now Christine has assurance of salvation and is going to have regular studies with the elder. Praise the Lord for our timing in visiting Danielle. - Andrew and Sue Johnson, Eastern Area

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